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About Our Market Research Agency

Our team includes director-level qualitative, quantitative and secondary researchers. Also economists, statisticians, planners, strategists, marketers and designers. With immense marketing, market research agency and client-side expertise we’re curious, creative and enthusiastic to understand and anticipate your challenges. This enables us to design market research solutions to answer your questions.

How we work

First, in response to your market research brief we devise an approach to meet your needs. Our methods are always creative and never by the book. We prefer mixed methods in order to explore issues and opportunities from many angles. Then working together we plan, recruit, moderate or field research. And finally analyse and debrief findings. All enables us to uncover more insights and ideas and tell the full story.

We’re especially able to research and develop communications, products, services, brands and businesses. Working with colleagues at The Marketing Directors we design strategies to attract and keep customers, boost satisfaction, sales, profitability and brand value.

Where we work

Working with hand-picked local partners we’re also able to conduct international market researchin most countries in the world. Combining global and local perspectives to tell you more.

Read seven reasons to choose our market research agency. And then get in touch to ask for help.

Our market research agency team are members of the Association for Qualitative Research
Our market research agency team are members of The Marketing Society
Our market research agency team are members of the Market Research Society
The Marketing Directors is a registered information controller