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Why our market research agency?

Our market research agency is different in comprising experienced researchers and marketers. Our services are always creative and never by the book in order to understand your customers, their needs, and attitudes. And by working closely with you we dig deeper, and by using clever creative stimuli we also uncover new product, service, communication and brand opportunities. Then through perceptive analysis we tell the full story and help you realise those opportunities. As a result, helping you improve satisfaction, win more customers, and boost sales and brand value.

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Market Research Success Stories

Our successes include helping brands and businesses in consumer goods, services, media, digital, technology, business-to-business and also public sector markets. Read some of our market research success stories and then get in touch for a free consultation.

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  • We have worked with Guy for 4 years. He has really helped our business and his knowledge and ideas never cease to amaze us.
    Guys and Dolls Casting, Managing Director
  • The work we did with you is the best market research we’ve done in three years. It has attracted the attention of our colleagues around the world. Our sales have also increased nine-fold over the period.
    GlaxoSmithKline, Marketing Director
  • This is the best market research I've seen in my life.
    BBC Studios, Managing Director
  • Comparing you with another market research agency I worked with recently is like comparing a Premiership team with a Sunday pub-league side.
    Energy Company, General Manager
  • Watching your market research groups last night was the most useful time I've spent with our organisation.
    Dept. for Education, Head of Department