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Why Choose Us?

Creative Market Research that’s Different

Our market research agency is different in offering immense agency, client-side and marketing expertise. Our team includes director-level qualitative, quantitative and secondary researchers. Also economists, statisticians, planners, strategists, marketers and designers. We also use lots of unusual creative market research techniques, and when needs demand, lots of creative stimuli. This enables us to uncover more insights, more ideas and tell the full story. 

How we work

First, in response to your brief, we devise an approach to meet your needs. We often include include mixed methods in order to explore issues and opportunities from many angles. As a result, our methods are always creative and never by the book. Then working together we plan, recruit, and moderate or field research. And finally, analyse and debrief findings.

In addition we research and develop communications, products, services, brands and businesses working with colleagues at The Marketing Directors. In so doing we therefore design strategies to attract and keep customers. Also to boost satisfaction, sales, profit and brand value.

Where we work

Working with hand-picked local partners we also conduct international research in most countries in the world. By combining global and local views we spot similarities and differences and thus tell you more.

Seven reasons to choose The Market Researchers

1. Top people on your team

First, we offer tens of thousands of hours of market research agency and client side-expertise. Particularly in qualitative, quantitative, and secondary research, and marketing. As a result, we anticipate, understand, and better address the challenges you face. 

2. New insights to drive your brand

As curious, creative and enthusiastic people with diverse skills in questioning, idea creation and analysis, we think differently. Thus we challenge the status quo and spot new opportunities.

3. More creative, winning ideas

By combining mixed research methods we also dig deeper. Using clever creative stimuli in research we also uncover new needs, and turn winning ideas into new solutions.

4. Clear strategic interpretation

Researchers and marketers working together gives critical ability to analyse and interpret research. Thus helping us provide clear and practical strategic advice.

5. Commercially inspiring

With immense brand and business experience, we’re expert at strengthening communications, products, services, brands and businesses. Thus boosting your bottom line.

6. More personal support

Because we also work closely with you, you’ll find everyone’s on-board with the plan. This also makes work fun 🙂

7. Quality assured

Finally, we give you our ‘Commitment to Excellence’. So ask to see our quality and ethical policies. But don’t just take our word for it. As one of our clients says “Watching your groups last night was among the most useful time I’ve spent with our organisation”

More about our creative market research services.

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