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Market Research Methods

Our market research methods are always creative and never by the book. By combining one or more market research techniques we explore issues and opportunities in different ways and thus uncover more insights. Through clever qualitative research we better understand the context in which customers make decisions and also dig deeper. By sharing creative stimuli with consumers we challenge their way of thinking and co-opt their help to build ideas. And through quantitative research  we also assess the size and nature of opportunities. Then through rigorous market research analysis we produce reliable and actionable findings. Thus inspiring more successful marketing strategy, products, services, communications and brands.

Our ‘4Cs’ Market Research Methods

  • Understanding context

    Consumers rarely make choices based on narrow definitions of markets; getting close up to observe and record behaviour uncovers richer needs, beliefs and decision making influences.

  • Collaboration

    Creativity isn't the preserve of the few. It is inbuilt in all of us - especially the Chairman's wife! By working with you, technical experts and consumers in creative workshops we generate more ideas and build better solutions.

understanding context one of our market research methods
creative collaboration one of our market research methods

  • Challenging and inspiring

    As consumers respond from their own frame of reference and memories, taking them out of their comfort zones and provides new experiences revealing what's forgotten, hidden or previously unconsidered.

  • Calculation

    Combining quantitative with qualitative techniques helps assess causes, associated effects and their relative importance. This helps distinguish the really great ideas from the rest and provide more decision making confidence.

Challenge one of our market research methods
Calculation one of our market research methods

  • Crossing language divides

    As cultures are different and some demographics such as children are less articulate we use creative stimulus to uncover deeper thoughts and feelings and to compare across language divides.

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