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Market Research Services

Our market research services are always creative and never by the book. We design bespoke studies to meet your needs and budget; they typically combine one or more of qualitative, quantitative or secondary research methods. Read about our 4Cs market research methods and our approach to using creative stimuli in research. As practical researchers and marketers, we also understand the importance of effective market research analysis and delivering actionable insights. Get in touch for a free consultation.

Qualitative Research

qualitative research services

Understanding customers, needs and brand issues and opportunities. Read more ...

Quantitative Research

quantitative research services

Researching customers, attitudes and the size of marketing opportunities. Read more...

Secondary Research

secondary research services

Researching published sources to understand markets, trends and competitors. Read more...

International Research

international market research services

Creative overseas research to reveal local and global insights.

Brand Development

brand development services, girl blowing bubbles

Building distinctive and appealing brands. Read more ...

Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy services, visioning

Defining strategies and plans to attract and retain customers.
Read more ...

How we work

In the first instance drop us a line or call so we can discuss and understand your needs. Then we'll write a short proposal outlining a work programme to help you. Once agreed this then becomes our quality contract with you.