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Qualitative Research Services

Qualitative research answers ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions by revealing ‘insights’. An insight is consumer need or belief that points to a new brand opportunity. It is also the rocket fuel to super-charge your brand or business.

Insights can come from anywhere. So we use many creative market research methods including focus groups, depth interviews, accompanied shops, observation and inspiring research recruitment and moderation to uncover new insights. These methods allow us to investigate issues and opportunities from all angles, better understand context in which consumers make decisions. Where opportune we also use lots of creative stimuli in research. This is particularly powerful in challenging customers and coopting their help to develop ideas into concrete solutions. As a result, we dig deeper, and unearth what is hidden or forgotten, and better spot new opportunities.

When is qualitative research useful?

  • In order to understand customers, their needs and types.
  • To clarify the customer journey, behaviour, motivations and barriers to select, buy and use.
  • To understand brand experiences and attitudes.
  • When you have a brand, business or social issue to solve and need to diagnose possible solutions.
  • To develop new products, services, marketing communications and businesses.

Combined quantitative-qualitative research

We also design combined quantitative and qualitative research to meet your needs. By combining quant and qual methods we answer questions including ‘how many?’ or ‘how much?’ and ‘why?’. Further, by marrying the strengths of each approach and dialing-up or down either element provides both numbers and understanding. In turn this offers extra decision making substance, avoids ambiguity and also the group ‘hot-house’ effect.

When is quali-quant research useful?

When you wish to understand:

  • What is the customer target ‘sweet-spot’?
  • How does this product compare with competitors, and why?
  • What are reasons for purchasing or not purchasing?
  • What are most appealing new product ideas, and why?
  • Which brand name is best, and why?
  • What are advertising or pack design preferences, and why?
  • What is the best way to merchandise, and why?
  • To clarify arguments or areas for change or improvement.
  • To reveal key facts to support sales pitches.
  • For a cost-effective sense-check or health-check.

What we offer

  • Bespoke qualitative research or qual-quant research services to answer your questions. Usually using one or more of focus groups, depth interviews, accompanied shops or observation. Either by telephone or online to preserve social distancing, or where possible face-to-face. Online qualitative methods help reach wider geographic areas, as well as collect rich audio-visual material, such as video footage, and photographs. All helps us bring your customers closer to you.
  • Research planning workshops to finesse the research plan.
  • Full service research and analysis to develop new marketing or brand strategies, communications, products or services.
  • Creative services to develop stimuli and deliver inspiring debriefs, including for example films or infographics.

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