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Research Planning Workshops

What are research planning workshops?

Facilitated by our team, research planning workshops involve a variety of creative and ‘customer-thinking’ tools. At the start of projects, we bring together diverse ‘knowledge holders’ to clarify what is known, unknown and required. Also to reveal issues and opportunities, and create stimuli to explore in research.

Why conduct research planning workshops?

  • To understand different views, questions and establish common understanding.
  • To engage, inspire and motivate colleagues.
  • When you have a problem to solve.
  • To spot new opportunities.
  • To create ideas such as brand, product or communication stimuli to explore in research.

What we offer

  • Customised workshops to clarify research and business goals, and anticipate issues and opportunities to explore in research. This enures more focused and effective qualitative research or quantitative research and that everyone is on-board with the plan. Our clients say that our workshops are both cathartic and inspiring!

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