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Quantitative Research Services

Quantitative research answers questions such as ‘how many?’ or ‘how much?’ while qualitative research answers ‘what?’, ‘why?’ and ‘how to?’ questions.

With no vested interest in promoting online, face-to-face or telephone over mobile or postal research methods we recommend what delivers the best quality and value-for-money solution. Click this link to read our blog post on the pros and cons of different quantitative survey methods. We do this by working collaboratively with top UK and global firms, to source lists, conduct fieldwork and also process data. We also get the survey right because we know how consumers think and feel and also what marketers need to know to make better decisions.

When is quantitative research useful?

  • When you need hard numbers to make a decision
  • To determine market sizes and shares, customer segments, brand usage, purchasing and also attitudes.
  • To assess demand at various price points or price and demand trade-offs.

Statistical analysis and modelling

The application of mathematical and statistical methods to understand and model economic or research data is called econometrics. This includes ‘big data’ gathered from your in-house systems or quantitative research. In-house data could include sales, price, and promotion or media impacts or expenditure. Research data could include customer attitudes, behaviour, purchasing or purchase intent.

Using statistical and other research methods we obtain and then analyse ‘big data’ to understand causes and effects. This involves creating algorithms (mathematical formulae) to explain the relationship between data, for example, by customer segment or type. This then enables us to create ‘what-if’ models to predict sales and profitability.

When is this useful?

  • To understand ‘true’ sales drivers and effects, for example the effect of different products, prices, promotions including media impressions on demand.
  • To optimise products or services (using trade-off analysis)
  • In order to predict the effect of marketing plans on sales or profitability.
  • To make more informed investment decisions.

What we offer

  • Totally tailored quantitative research (online, telephone, face-to-face, mobile or postal) including usage and attitude (U&A) and employee surveys. Also segmentation and brand tracking studies, concept and product tests, and price trade-off research.
  • Full service research studies including secondary research or qualitative research and also strategic interpretation in order to realise new opportunities.
  • Powerful data analytics and reporting.

How we can help you

Follow this link for help to write a market research brief and then get in touch for a free consultation.