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Secondary Research Services

Secondary research (or desk research) involves the summary, collation and synthesis of sales, market and media information. It therefore differs from primary research where data is collected from customers.

Where data is incomplete we use systematic literature reviews and software to compile, verify and / or fill gaps in information. Sources include your in-house systems, libraries, the Internet and also the ‘world about us’. Through marketers and researchers working together also enables us to add extra insight and interpretation.

When is secondary research useful?

  • To determine market sizes, structures and also trends.
  • To focus primary research and next stage business development.
  • When budgets, time or other constraints may not allow primary research.
  • To obtain ‘big data’ for statistical analysis.

What we offer

  • Bespoke secondary research or desk research covering published as well as your own in house sources such as sales by product or customer
  • Full service research combining secondary research with qualitative research and / or quantitative research to answer all your questions. Also, strategic interpretation and recommendations.
  • ‘What-if’ demand and income forecasting and modelling

How we can help you

Follow this link for help to write a market research brief and then get in touch to discuss your needs or request a proposal.