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Market Research Success Stories

Our market research success stories include answering questions and revealing insights and opportunities. Also developing communications, products, and services as brands. As a result, we’ve helped many aspiring and well-known businesses both in the UK and beyond. In particular, in consumer, business-to-business, media and digital sectors. Click on the tabs to read some of our success stories. And then get in touch to find out more.

You can also read more combined research and marketing success stories on The Marketing Directors website.

Guys and Dolls Casting logo

Guys and Dolls TV and Film Casting

How we helped a TV and film casting agency achieve record customers, placements and sales
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Energy research success story

Ovo Energy

How we researched and helped devise a new energy service that increased customers nine-fold
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Livv Homes Property Research Success Story

Livv Homes

How we helped develop a new property business
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Health-care market research success story | GSK


How we uncovered insights to increase healthcare brand sales nine-fold in three years
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Professional services market research success story | CIMA advertising

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

How we helped devise a successful global communication campaign
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Telephony market research success story | Berenberg Bank

Berenberg Bank

How we helped research and pinpoint new investment opportunities
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The Famous Five media market research success story

The Famous Five

How we helped research and revitalise this world famous media brand
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Department for education market research success story

Department for Education

How we uncovered insights to improve technology use and education outcomes in schools
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Fmcg market research success story | Cadbury


How we helped uncover insights to inspire new desserts
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Livv Homes Property Research Success Story

One Ark

How we helped uncover insights to design a new charity
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Gaming market research for Camelot


How we helped Camelot devise new lottery games
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Music market research success story | BBC Top of the Pops

BBC Top of the Pops

How we understood the lives of tweenagers and revitalised an iconic brand
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