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Guys and Dolls TV and Film Casting

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How we helped a TV and film casting agency achieve record customers, placements and sales


Guys and Dolls Casting is a TV and film casting agency. They provide supporting artistes (SAs) to the television, film and commercials industry.


To grow the customer base of Assistant Directors (ADs) in TV and film, and also provide even more supporting and featured artistes to TV and film productions.


  • Review of company and market situation with the CEO including financials, customers and productions served, and also strengths and weaknesses.
  • Depth interviews with a diverse range of Assistant Directors (mainly 2nds/3rds, some 1sts) producing TV programmes, films and commercials. Our aims was to understand their needs, attitudes and behaviour and also reactions to proposed new Guys and Dolls Casting services.
  • Analysis of findings and production of recommendations to better meet AD’s needs.
  • Analysed online marketing performance and developed communication strategy and then created plans to raise awareness of new services and technology solutions (Extras Manager) and refresh the website.


Guys and Dolls TV and film Casting Agency logo

Guys and Dolls has built an envious reputation for supplying fabulous extras; high calibre supporting artistes and crowd for feature films, television programmes and commercials.


Structures and marketing collateral put in place to grow the business. As a result, the team smashed previous records for getting SAs and featured artistes on TV and film sets in 2019. Lots more artistes are also being lined up for 2020 productions too.

If you need professional supporting artistes or want to be one, get in touch with Guys and Dolls TV and Film Casting.

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Ovo Energy

Energy research success story

How we researched and helped devise a new energy service that increased customers nine-fold

Background and challenge

Ovo Energy is a small energy supplier who wanted to create a new service to take on the might of the ‘Big Six’.

Energy research approach

  • Team working to create stimuli to express the new energy service.
  • Customer depths and groups with existing and potential Ovo customers in all energy regions (including lapsed Ovo customers and also customers of the ‘Big Six’).
  • Research also involved recycling and refining stimuli in just 4 weeks.
  • Followed finally by analysis and debrief.
Energy research success story

New Ovo Energy service that’s helped increase customers nine-fold


Identified widespread unmet need for a new brand to challenge the ‘Big Six’ and the also the ingredients for a new service proposition. Since launching the new service in January 2014 the number of Ovo customers increased nine-fold. Also awarded uSwitch ‘Energy Supplier of the Year 2017’, winning 11/12 awards.

See Ovo Energy’s refreshing new energy services.

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Health-care market research success story | GSK

How we uncovered insights to increase healthcare brand sales nine-fold in three years


health care market research for Corega in Eastern EuropeTo understand consumers oral hygiene attitudes and habits. Also reaction to a new product with a view to developing new communications to accelerate brand growth in Central and Eastern Europe.

Healthcare marketing research approach

  1. Working session and secondary research to focus health-care market research programme.
  2. Compilation of research stimuli in 3 languages using great ideas from around the world..
  3. In-home consumer depths (all filmed), paired depths, and also mini-consumer creative workshops in 3 countries (Hungary, Poland and Russia). All were preceded by a product trial pre-task.
  4. Analysis then followed by interim debrief and working session.
  5. Film production to summarise insights.
  6. Presentation and working session with international team.


Provided many insights on consumers, their needs and attitudes in three countries. Also clear direction for a new brand communications, which in turn, inspired a new advertising campaign.  As a result, our work drew management attention to this overlooked health-care category. Sales and customer penetration also increased nine-fold in the following three years.

Watch the new Corega advertising on You Tube.

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The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Professional services market research success story | CIMA advertising

How we helped devise a successful global communication campaign


professional services market research for CIMA
Having concerns about the effectiveness about their current advertising, CIMA wanted to understand accounting students, the student journey and determine the most effective brand and communication strategy.

Professional services market research approach

  1. Research planning workshop followed by collaborative working to create communications stimuli for research.
  2. Professional services international market research included CIMA stakeholder depths, student creative workshops (UK school and University student discussions) and depth interviews (potential, current and also previous accounting students in overseas countries).
  3. Analysis followed by interim debrief and also second stage creative development working with several agencies.
  4. Quantitative research in 8 countries; UK, China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in order to assess the most appealing and persuasive advertising idea(s). Also to determine opportunities for improvement.
  5. Analysis followed by debrief and finally a working session.


Identified key drivers and barriers to taking CIMA qualifications and a blueprint to enable consistent and distinctive global communications covering rational and emotional benefits, personality and style and tone.
As a result a new global campaign was agreed and launched in all countries. This has contributed to 15% growth in students in 2 years.

See the results of our work on CIMA’s website.

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The Famous Five

The Famous Five media market research success story

How we helped research and revitalise this world famous media brand


media market research
To understand audience attitudes to The Famous Five in three countries (Germany, France and the UK). Also to revitalise the brand, create a blue-print for international brand development and attract new audiences.

Media market research approach

  1. Research planning workshop to assess brand issues and also opportunities to explore in research.
  2. Extended creativity to create research stimuli. Produced in German, French and English, this included mini advertisements to express the brand positioning. Also images and copy to express the brand style and tone and storylines.
  3. Media market research involved creative consumer workshops with different ages of children, parents and also teachers in 3 countries.
  4. Analysis followed by debrief and finally a working session.


Provided many insights and positioning direction to revitalise and build The Famous Five as a global brand. Also the justification and guidelines for new TV series development covering content, format and style and tone. Our work inspired the CGI television series, The Famous Five on the Case. This aired on Disney Channels around the world.

Watch episode 1 of The Famous Five on the Case.

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Fmcg market research success story | Cadbury

How we helped uncover insights to inspire new desserts


To understand consumer attitudes and needs to eating sweets and desserts out of home with a view to unearthing insights to inform new product and category development.

FMCG market research approach

  1. Research planning workshop preceded by trade observation and secondary FMCG market research to investigate the current range of products on offer out of home.
  2. Creation of advertising and also creative stimuli to provoke insights on needs and for new product opportunities.
  3. Family group discussions in various out-of-home eating establishments and also creative consumer workshops with different demographic groups.
  4. Analysis followed by debrief and finally a working session.


Provided a series of visual and written insight platforms to inspire and focus product development. In addition to many pointers to improve operations in a key trade channel. In turn this also helped cement trade working relationships with a leading restaurant chain.

The delicious range of desserts on offer at McDonald’s UK.

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One Ark

Livv Homes Property Research Success Story

How we helped uncover insights to design a new charity



To uncover needs and gaps in the market and define a new charity brand for this pioneering social enterprise.

Charity development approach

  1. Discussions to determine issues and also opportunities for a new charity.
  2. Created creative stimuli for new charitable services.
  3. Combination of depth interviews with local and national stakeholders and creative group discussions with potential beneficiaries, donors and also influencers/partners.
  4. Analysis and finally report copywriting and delivery.


Our charity market research revealed numerous insights on potential beneficiaries and gaps in the market. As a result this has clarified the opportunity for a new charity to focus effort to transform the well-being of those living in part of the Merseyside region and join the dots in local services.

More about One Ark – a new charity, part of the Livv Housing Group, serving the North West of England.

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BBC Top of the Pops

Music market research success story | BBC Top of the Pops

How we understood the lives of tweenagers and revitalised an iconic brand


music-market research
To understand tween-age girls, their lives, interests, media, music and technology needs to optimise Top of the Pops magazine and website.

Music market research approach

  1. Research planning session with the client team to hypothesise issues and also opportunities to explore in research.
  2. In-home individual depth interviews with tween-age girls, paired depths and also mini group creative workshops. All respondents also undertook creative research pre-tasks. These included diarising how they spent their time and also becoming investigative journalists to interview their friends.
  3. Analysis followed finally by debrief and a working session.


Provided many insights, both highly visual, and auditory, on the role of music in girls’ lives. This informed magazine content and brand guidelines. As a result this inspired the launch of a new digital magazine and circulation growth of 25%. TOTP is the best selling teen title.

Catch up with the latest music and fashion gossip in BBC Top of the Pops magazine.

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Home Office

Public sector market research success story | Home Office

How we diagnosed sales drivers and barriers in family history research (genealogy)


Faced with falling income, the General Register Office (GRO) (part of the Home Office) wanted to understand the family history customer journey, in particular use of birth, death and marriage (BMD) certificates to help maintain sales and cover costs.

Public sector market research approach

Multiple-step approach covering:

  1. Secondary research to unearth evidence on the competitive context and also BMD sales and issues.
  2. Qualitative research to understand family history researchers and influencers. Also the family history research journey, role of GRO and sales drivers and barriers.
  3. Analysis followed by interim debrief and working session. In turn this informed the subsequent next step.
  4. Quantitative research and statistical modelling to quantify usage and attitudes. In particular, to quantify BMD sales drivers and barriers. Also to inform strategic product, communication and pricing policies. Thirdly to analyse and forecast demand and revenue to 2015 by creating an econometric model.
  5. Analysis followed finally by a full debrief and working session.


Provided many revelatory insights on existing and potential family history researchers; also drivers and barriers to research family trees and buy/use birth, death and marriage certificates. As result this inspired new marketing strategies including product, promotion and pricing policies to achieve desired strategic outcomes.

Start your family history research by visiting the General Register Office.

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Personal care market research success story | Lypsyl

How we helped a brand expand in international markets


personal care market research
To understand the global lipcare market, key trends, and also competitor strengths and weaknesses, This was in order to provide direction for Lypsyl brand development and international expansion (via secondary research).

Personal care market research approach

  1. Review of internal information.
  2. Management team interviews to gather initial insights and discuss issues and also opportunities.
  3. Review of secondary research sources; libraries, the Internet, retail trade, and also companies websites etc.
  4. Creation of spreadsheet model to analyse and prioritise around 100 international market opportunities. This also involved innovative data smoothing techniques.
  5. Analysis followed finally by a debrief and working session.


Provided comprehensive understanding on international lipcare markets, and global competitors. Thus helping prioritise market entry opportunities and provide ‘insights’ and recommendations to develop the Lypsyl brand. Insights provided in the form of ‘platforms’ to inspire product development. Lypsyl has since been relaunched and successfully expanded into new countries.

More about Lypsyl Lip Balms.

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