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Livv Homes

Livv Homes Property Research Success Story

How we helped research and establish a new property business

Property research challenge

To understand needs, criteria, and guidelines to establish a new home building business in the North West of England.

Property Research Approach

Team working to create new home propositions; visuals and descriptions of new homes.

  1. Secondary research to assess the size of, and trends in the local housing stock.
  2. Telephone and face-to-face depths with local estate agents to assess needs, and up and coming areas.
  3. Group discussions with potential new home buyers to understand needs for, and reactions to, potential new homes (using a range of creative stimuli).
  4. Analysis and then debrief of findings and recommendations.


First, we determined a specification for new homes including potential ‘killer’ features to guide building and marketing. Then we identified the most attractive target market and their decision making journey. Finally we created an outline business and marketing plan to confirm project feasibility, and provided insights on how to improve the brand.  As a result, all initial properties were sold. We also inspired a more refreshing brand in Livv Homes; after four years they are now a well-established and regarded Merseyside home builder.

Livv Homes Property Research Success StoryOpen the door to a new home from Livv Homes .

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Home Office

Public sector market research success story | Home Office

How we diagnosed sales drivers and barriers in family history research (genealogy)


Faced with falling income, the General Register Office (GRO) (part of the Home Office) wanted to understand the family history customer journey, in particular use of birth, death and marriage (BMD) certificates to help maintain sales and cover costs.

Public sector market research approach

Multiple-step approach covering:

  1. Secondary research to unearth evidence on the competitive context and also BMD sales and issues.
  2. Qualitative research to understand family history researchers and influencers. Also the family history research journey, role of GRO and sales drivers and barriers.
  3. Analysis followed by interim debrief and working session. In turn this informed the subsequent next step.
  4. Quantitative research and statistical modelling to quantify usage and attitudes. In particular, to quantify BMD sales drivers and barriers. Also to inform strategic product, communication and pricing policies. Thirdly to analyse and forecast demand and revenue to 2015 by creating an econometric model.
  5. Analysis followed finally by a full debrief and working session.


Provided many revelatory insights on existing and potential family history researchers; also drivers and barriers to research family trees and buy/use birth, death and marriage certificates. As result this inspired new marketing strategies including product, promotion and pricing policies to achieve desired strategic outcomes.

Start your family history research by visiting the General Register Office.

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Personal care market research success story | Lypsyl

How we helped a brand expand in international markets


personal care market research
To understand the global lipcare market, key trends, and also competitor strengths and weaknesses, This was in order to provide direction for Lypsyl brand development and international expansion (via secondary research).

Personal care market research approach

  1. Review of internal information.
  2. Management team interviews to gather initial insights and discuss issues and also opportunities.
  3. Review of secondary research sources; libraries, the Internet, retail trade, and also companies websites etc.
  4. Creation of spreadsheet model to analyse and prioritise around 100 international market opportunities. This also involved innovative data smoothing techniques.
  5. Analysis followed finally by a debrief and working session.


Provided comprehensive understanding on international lipcare markets, and global competitors. Thus helping prioritise market entry opportunities and provide ‘insights’ and recommendations to develop the Lypsyl brand. Insights provided in the form of ‘platforms’ to inspire product development. Lypsyl has since been relaunched and successfully expanded into new countries.

More about Lypsyl Lip Balms.

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