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One Ark

How we helped uncover insights to design a new charity



To uncover needs and gaps in the market and define a new charity brand for this pioneering social enterprise.

Charity development approach

  1. Discussions to determine issues and also opportunities for a new charity.
  2. Created creative stimuli for new charitable services.
  3. Combination of depth interviews with local and national stakeholders and creative group discussions with potential beneficiaries, donors and also influencers/partners.
  4. Analysis and finally report copywriting and delivery.


Our charity market research revealed numerous insights on potential beneficiaries and gaps in the market. As a result this has clarified the opportunity for a new charity to focus effort to transform the well-being of those living in part of the Merseyside region and join the dots in local services.

More about One Ark – a new charity, part of the Livv Housing Group, serving the North West of England.

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