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The Pauline Quirke Academy for Performing Arts

How we helped an amazing brand treble student numbers


childrens market research
To understand drivers and barriers to growth and create marketing strategies and plans to continue the national expansion of The Pauline Quirke Academy for Performing Arts.

Children’s market research approach

  1. Management team interviews and also review of business information.
  2. Interactive workshop followed by collaborative working to create communications stimuli.
  3. Creation of communications stimuli including mock-up adverts, leaflets and also website home pages.
  4. Qualitative research included stakeholder depths and student workshops. Also parent and student depth interviews covering the range of academies and student types.
  5. Analysis then followed by interim and full debrief and working sessions and support to develop marketing strategies and carry out the plans.
  6. Developed job specification for, and finally recruited, a marketing manager. Most recently we also reruited a new digital marketing manager and CMO.


Identified key drivers and barriers to overcome to drive growth. This inspired a clearer marketing and brand strategy and ambitious marketing plans. As a result, the number of academies and students trebled in just four years.  In addition, the marketing team is now 7 strong and a highly motivated business growth engine.

Find out more and empower your kids at The Pauline Quirke Academy.

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