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Ovo Energy

How we researched and helped devise a new energy service that increased customers nine-fold

Background and challenge

Ovo Energy is a small energy supplier who wanted to create a new service to take on the might of the ‘Big Six’.

Energy research approach

  • Team working to create stimuli to express the new energy service.
  • Customer depths and groups with existing and potential Ovo customers in all energy regions (including lapsed Ovo customers and also customers of the ‘Big Six’).
  • Research also involved recycling and refining stimuli in just 4 weeks.
  • Followed finally by analysis and debrief.
Energy research success story

New Ovo Energy service that’s helped increase customers nine-fold


Identified widespread unmet need for a new brand to challenge the ‘Big Six’ and the also the ingredients for a new service proposition. Since launching the new service in January 2014 the number of Ovo customers increased nine-fold. Also awarded uSwitch ‘Energy Supplier of the Year 2017’, winning 11/12 awards.

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