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The Famous Five

How we helped research and revitalise this world famous media brand


media market research
To understand audience attitudes to The Famous Five in three countries (Germany, France and the UK). Also to revitalise the brand, create a blue-print for international brand development and attract new audiences.

Media market research approach

  1. Research planning workshop to assess brand issues and also opportunities to explore in research.
  2. Extended creativity to create research stimuli. Produced in German, French and English, this included mini advertisements to express the brand positioning. Also images and copy to express the brand style and tone and storylines.
  3. Media market research involved creative consumer workshops with different ages of children, parents and also teachers in 3 countries.
  4. Analysis followed by debrief and finally a working session.


Provided many insights and positioning direction to revitalise and build The Famous Five as a global brand. Also the justification and guidelines for new TV series development covering content, format and style and tone. Our work inspired the CGI television series, The Famous Five on the Case. This aired on Disney Channels around the world.

Watch episode 1 of The Famous Five on the Case.

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