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Gaming market research for Camelot

How we helped Camelot create new lottery games


gaming market research for Camelot
To understand attitudes to a recently launched game, sales drivers and inhibitors in order to provide insights to improve the game and develop new games.

Gaming market research approach

  1. Research planning workshop to uncover insights, issues and opportunities to explore in research.
  2. Creation of advertising and game stimuli to provoke and reveal insights on needs and new product opportunities.
  3. Gaming market research involved a range of qualitative research methods. Including retail trade depths, in-home consumer depths and also creative consumer workshops i.e. group discussions.
  4. Analysis followed finally by a client debrief.


Provided comprehensive understanding on customer drivers and barriers to playing the lottery and other games. Also many insights with which to focus new game development and boost sales. As a result this helped secure renewal of The National Lottery license.

Play the National Lottery.

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BBC Top of the Pops

Music market research success story | BBC Top of the Pops

How we understood the lives of tweenagers and revitalised an iconic brand


music-market research
To understand tween-age girls, their lives, interests, media, music and technology needs to optimise Top of the Pops magazine and website.

Music market research approach

  1. Research planning session with the client team to hypothesise issues and also opportunities to explore in research.
  2. In-home individual depth interviews with tween-age girls, paired depths and also mini group creative workshops. All respondents also undertook creative research pre-tasks. These included diarising how they spent their time and also becoming investigative journalists to interview their friends.
  3. Analysis followed finally by debrief and a working session.


Provided many insights, both highly visual, and auditory, on the role of music in girls’ lives. This informed magazine content and brand guidelines. As a result this inspired the launch of a new digital magazine and circulation growth of 25%. TOTP is the best selling teen title.

Catch up with the latest music and fashion gossip in BBC Top of the Pops magazine.

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Home Office

Public sector market research success story | Home Office

How we diagnosed sales drivers and barriers in family history research (genealogy)


Faced with falling income, the General Register Office (GRO) (part of the Home Office) wanted to understand the family history customer journey, in particular use of birth, death and marriage (BMD) certificates to help maintain sales and cover costs.

Public sector market research approach

Multiple-step approach covering:

  1. Secondary research to unearth evidence on the competitive context and also BMD sales and issues.
  2. Qualitative research to understand family history researchers and influencers. Also the family history research journey, role of GRO and sales drivers and barriers.
  3. Analysis followed by interim debrief and working session. In turn this informed the subsequent next step.
  4. Quantitative research and statistical modelling to quantify usage and attitudes. In particular, to quantify BMD sales drivers and barriers. Also to inform strategic product, communication and pricing policies. Thirdly to analyse and forecast demand and revenue to 2015 by creating an econometric model.
  5. Analysis followed finally by a full debrief and working session.


Provided many revelatory insights on existing and potential family history researchers; also drivers and barriers to research family trees and buy/use birth, death and marriage certificates. As result this inspired new marketing strategies including product, promotion and pricing policies to achieve desired strategic outcomes.

Start your family history research by visiting the General Register Office.

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BBC Match of the Day

Magazine market research success story | BBC Match of the Day

How we helped research and develop a new £8.5m selling magazine


magazine-market research
To understand the role of football in boys lives, their football interests and football media consumption. Also reaction to the BBC and other football media and magazines. All to identify market opportunities and direction for a new magazine and online offer.

Magazine market research approach

  1. Research planning session with client team to determine issues and opportunities to explore.
  2. Mixed method qualitative research included in-home individual depth interviews with boys. Also paired son and father depths and mini creative consumer workshops. In addition, all respondents undertook creative research pre-tasks. These included diarising the football media they consumed and reviewing football magazines. Also becoming investigative journalists in order to interview their friends.
  3. Analysis followed by debrief and finally a working session.


Provided many insights and direction to launch the new BBC Match of the Day magazine and online offer. The magazine realised upwards of £8.5m in year one. It is also now category leader.

Subscribe to BBC Match of the Day magazine for your essential football news and gossip!

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Merlin Entertainments

Leisure market research success story | Merlin Entertainments


To understand the drivers and barriers to visiting Merlin attractions, including Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Madame Tussauds. Also the role of the Merlin Annual Pass (MAP) and issues and opportunities to increase trial and repeat visits.

Leisure market research approach

  1. Pre-planning and creation of simple creative stimili.
  2. Leisure market research included customer depths and workshops with families of children aged 2-18 years. The sample also included a mix of new, long-standing and lapsed Merlin Annual Pass holders. In addition, a range of ages/family composition, and Merlin Annual Pass types – standard vs. premium, throughout the UK.
  3. Research analysis followed by a debrief with client team.


Identified deals and customer ‘savviness’ reduced value perceptions, creating a ‘deal-seeking’ mindset and expectation for further deals.
Recommended strategies and policies to manage and extend customer relationships. Also to add value to the Merlin Annual Pass and tailor versions for specific customer segments.

Enjoy lots of great days out with the Merlin Annual Pass – there is one that’s right for you!

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The Pauline Quirke Academy for Performing Arts

Children's market research success story | PQA

How we helped an amazing brand treble student numbers


childrens market research
To understand drivers and barriers to growth and create marketing strategies and plans to continue the national expansion of The Pauline Quirke Academy for Performing Arts.

Children’s market research approach

  1. Management team interviews and also review of business information.
  2. Interactive workshop followed by collaborative working to create communications stimuli.
  3. Creation of communications stimuli including mock-up adverts, leaflets and also website home pages.
  4. Qualitative research included stakeholder depths and student workshops. Also parent and student depth interviews covering the range of academies and student types.
  5. Analysis then followed by interim and full debrief and working sessions and support to develop marketing strategies and carry out the plans.
  6. Developed job specification for, and finally recruited, a marketing manager. Most recently we also reruited a new digital marketing manager and CMO.


Identified key drivers and barriers to overcome to drive growth. This inspired a clearer marketing and brand strategy and ambitious marketing plans. As a result, the number of academies and students trebled in just four years.  In addition, the marketing team is now 7 strong and a highly motivated business growth engine.

Find out more and empower your kids at The Pauline Quirke Academy.

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