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How we helped uncover insights to inspire new desserts


To understand consumer attitudes and needs to eating sweets and desserts out of home with a view to unearthing insights to inform new product and category development.

FMCG market research approach

  1. Research planning workshop preceded by trade observation and secondary FMCG market research to investigate the current range of products on offer out of home.
  2. Creation of advertising and also creative stimuli to provoke insights on needs and for new product opportunities.
  3. Family group discussions in various out-of-home eating establishments and also creative consumer workshops with different demographic groups.
  4. Analysis followed by debrief and finally a working session.


Provided a series of visual and written insight platforms to inspire and focus product development. In addition to many pointers to improve operations in a key trade channel. In turn this also helped cement trade working relationships with a leading restaurant chain.

The delicious range of desserts on offer at McDonald’s UK.

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